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A SaaS based product that incentivizes consumers to share online content.

Research, Design, Dev, Strategy — Responsive — 2013

Adocrat was a side project designed to allow a small business to upload content to be shared on their customers social networks. Customers who shared content online were given discounts & free stuff in return.
Business is always looking for inroads into customers social networks. There is a great network effect that can occur and with one share you can easily reach people within similar demographics. Customers would be willing to share a business's content online if they recieved discounts or free stuff from the business.

At first, the concept was to leverage network effects of social channels. That meant that if someone shared a piece of content they were paid. If their friends and friends of friends shared, the person to originally share would get a percentage of each downstream share. After modeling out the payout distribution it seemed that getting paid pennies wasn't going properly inspire people to share content.

After talking to some small business owners, it became clear that the MLM scheme wouldn't work. The decision was then to take the platform and adapt it to allow businesses to pay with a discount instead of money. Once the direction was solidified, I began to develop the site in Drupal.

In addition to the Facebook integration, authentication and sharing functionality; I built in the ability for a business to create their account and manage their advertisements and discounts on the back end.

I developed the site and went out to talk to potential customers. During this process I realized how time consuming it was. At the same time I was working full time in addition to finishing up my final project for grad school. Unfortunately this project is what I had to put down.



This was a very fun project. I wish I had kept going with it to see where it went.

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