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Sears Digital Display

Displays to allow customers to get more product information in stores.

Research, UX — Tablet — 2013

My only public project that I worked on while I was at Sears. The digital displays project was created to help provide more information to customers with in the retail environment. It was an experiment to see if providing more product information made an impact on the purchasing decisions of customers. The mobile displays were first rolled out with the appliances because customers tended to need more information with larger purchase items.
When shopping for appliances in the stores, customers would often want access to more information than the print outs could provide. They wanted to see ratings and other options. From an operational perspective, printing and maintaining the information out about the appliances was expensive and challenging to keep information up to date.

For this project, I worked with business stakeholders to define the interaction architecture and conduct user research to ensure usability of the product. After talking to sales assocaites and customers, I was responsible for iterating on the design.

Once the iterations were at a place where we felt we were meeting the customer need I designed the rest of the application. I was then responsible for creating the associated annotated wireframes and working with engineering to get it built.


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