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A SaaS platform for event organizers to manage the online presence for events.

Research, UX, Dev, Strategy — Responsive — 2013

This was a side project of mine. I was working with a great group of people to create a SaaS based platform to help people manage their events. I helped with concept development, insights, prototype development and design. In the end, I wasn't able to devote more time or money to this project as I was starting grad school.
Event organizers who manage over 30 events a year have a lot of overhead that goes along with managing their events. They have to deal with a lot of activities such as: attendee regristration, event marketing, sponsors, presenters to name a few. This platform was designed to automate some of the critical activities to free up the organizers time.

I started building personas off of the information that was gathered and was able to gain insight into the echo system of people involved with producing events.

This is an example of one of the 5 different personas I was able to define.

After defining the personas, I mapped out the activities that each of the personas needed to do. Afterwards it was easy to articulate and understand what features the application needed to have to facilitate completing their goals.

Once all of the activities for each persona was mapped out I built an overall flow that demonstrated how each persona interacted with each other in the bigger picture. This flow identified each phase of the event management process and who was involved.

After the entire journey was mapped out I was able to structure the application.

After mapping out the screens I was able to start designing them. I started with sketches and went through much iteration before building out my prototype to take to potential customers for feedback. I built out the event-marketing site using Drupal Here and an Axure prototype for the management piece that I am still trying to locate.

After getting a lot of positive interest from our target market with the prototypes, we priced out the development. Unfortunately to get the product built it was going to be more than either my team or me was willing to put up so the project ended.

Eventflo Experience Doc

Eventflo Specification Doc


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