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Lead Management Platform

An app to allow customers of an online advertising platform to manage their leads.

Research, UX, Strategy — Wed — 2011

I was working at a product based startup company providing online advertising for small to medium businesses. After conducting a lot of research on the existing product, I noticed that there was an opportunity to create a product to upsell existing customers. After developing the concept and architecting the interface, I was let go before the company was acquired. My idea was then taken by the purchasing company and spun off as a business.
Our online advertising customers were getting leads but it was challenging for them to manage, qualify and follow up on leads in addition to running their business.

I started with identifying the scenario that currently existed and comparing that to the scenario that we could create with this product.

After understanding the desired experience I modeled out the different types of leads to understand their relationships.

Once I had a solid understanding of the context of use and desired scenario, I was able to develop the wireframes.


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