Enterprise UX at Deloitte Digital & Teaching PM at General Assembly.

My Mobile Front

A product for small business owners to manage content on their iPhone app.

Research, UX, Strategy — Wed+iOS — 2011

MyMobileFront was a project I worked on to create a SaaS based product for small businesses who wanted to have a mobile app for their customers with out paying for a custom app. Mobile apps are expensive to develop and most small businessess have similar, and pretty basic, requirements.
iPhone apps are expensive to develop and challenging for small business owners to manage. When editing content on an app, business owners are not able to see their edits or content changes as they are going to appear on the app until the content is deployed.

My role was product and UX focused. I talked to customers to figure out what was needed and worked with a talented team to get an alpha product created. After several months of working on this project I decided to move to Chicago for grad school.


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